The most important assets in a business are its people

Not surprisingly, the largest cost item in a business are its people.  So why do most businesses lack facts and data to know how their people work each day? Why must business executives, finance leads, and day-to-day managers make important employee allocation and resourcing decisions without up to the minute, real time data on employee behaviors and performance?

Because until now they didn’t know Openhour®

The Openhour® Platform fuels improvements in your operations and decision-making with real-time data, dashboards and actionable KPIs.




Generate accurate timesheets automatically based on how employees use their time. 

90% faster timesheet preparation
75% faster timesheet submission
100% private for employees



intelligent Project Planning & PRicing

Teams can easily develop project staffing plans for effective pricing, execution and monitoring.

Enable alerts to monitor job profitability in near real-time.
Learn from previous jobs to improve job scoping and pricing.
Reduce incorrect job codes with real-time validation.


Employee Analytics Dashboard


Get  a birds-eye view of your organizations’ productivity while completely respecting employee privacy.

Understand KPIs & empower decisions with data
Learn best practices to improve employee productivity
Automatically reduce churn

Openhour® TimeTracker is an Enterprise SaaS platform that integrates with your existing data systems to provide exceptional workforce intelligence using data you cannot get anywhere else.


Partners include Microsoft, Adobe, NetSuite, Advantage, Workfront, Namely & Oracle

The Openhour® platform learns from your employees’ collective behaviors, by automatically and privately capturing how your people spend their time throughout the workday. Our API ensures that other platforms can easily work with TimeTracker data.

Give us a call if your Financial or HRIS system is not on this list.  We have multiple in the works now.


What our customers are saying

For the first time, we have information in time to do something about it – not months later like we used to. Now we can manage our business in real time.
— Chris Mozolewski, KBS, CFO
The beauty of TimeTracker is how it works seamlessly, behind the scenes, without the need to remember to turn it on and off.
— Scott Citron - Scott Citron Design
I don’t want to have to remember to keep track of my time. That’s why I really enjoy TimeTracker.
— Chad Chelius - Chelius Graphic Services
Seamless, intuitive and beautiful. Finally an automatic time tracker that is visually editable, works within Creative Cloud, and can export timesheets for the number crunchers. Brilliant!!!
— Ilene Hinden - PopUp Ink
I can’t live without TimeTracker, and it’s only been 6 weeks since I discovered it. Changed my workflow completely.
— Caspian Levers - Capiche
I can’t believe I’ve gone this far without a platform like this.
— Erik Jessen - Mix Your Media

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