Founded by a team from Adobe, Apple and Big 5 Consulting, Openhour® is fundamentally changing how we think about Productivity and Time Management.

Big Data has had a significant impact on nearly every aspect of our lives. From our communication, to our commerce, to how we find intelligence, to our enjoyment, data has been transforming all areas of life...except our daily work lives.  Until now.

At Openhour®, we believe that people value their time and want to maximize their productivity in all aspects of their life, including their professions.  We believe that people want to work in trusting, supportive environments without being micromanaged or monitored.

We've developed a patent-pending solution that empowers individuals by automatically and privately capturing and analyzing how they do their work, engage with others, and spend their time.  The resulting analytics allows the Openhour® platform to automatically complete certain administrative and menial tasks and to provide private guidance that improves productivity, output and quality of life.


Mark Hirsch
Founder & CEO

Sean O'Leary
Technical Lead

Everett Carney
Front End Lead

Joe Foxton
Product Management


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