TimeTracker Plug-In for Advantage®

If your agency relies on the Advantage financial platform, TimeTracker can increase your profitability while simultaneously improving your employees' quality of worklife.  The TimeTracker Plug-In for Advantage provides more accurate timesheet data, while reducing the time required for your employees to prepare and submit their time. Imagine a simple plug-in that can increase billable hours, enhance business intelligence, inform resource planning, and improve the ROI of your Advantage investment.

TimeTracker delivers...

Faster time-to-bill

Increase billable hours

Increase Timesheet Accuracy

Monitor job actuals against estimates

Advantage® Integration Features

  • TimeTracker is seamlessly integrated with Advantage Aqua and Sapphire and supports both Webvantage and "on-premise" deployments.
  • Jobs, Job Components, Job Functions and Users automatically sync up with TimeTracker. There is no extra work required by Finance or PMs.
  • Timesheets submitted via TimeTracker automatically pass into Advantage. Employees do not log into Advantage to prepare or submit timesheets.
  • TimeTracker seamlessly supports Advantage non-billable codes (such as 'vacation' and 'sick day) in addition to billable job codes.
  • Simple setup.  Get started in hours.

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