TimeTracker Plug-In for Advantage®

If your agency relies on the Advantage financial platform, TimeTracker can increase your profitability while simultaneously improving your employees' quality of worklife.  The TimeTracker Plug-In for Advantage provides more accurate timesheet data, while reducing the time required for your employees to prepare and submit their time. Imagine a simple plug-in that can increase billable hours, enhance business intelligence, inform resource planning, and improve the ROI of your Advantage investment.

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TimeTracker delivers...

Faster time-to-bill

Increase billable hours

Increase Timesheet Accuracy

Monitor job actuals against estimates

Advantage® Integration Features

  • TimeTracker is seamlessly integrated with Advantage Aqua and Sapphire
  • TimeTracker supports both Webvantage and "on-premise" deployments.
  • Jobs, Job Components, Job Functions and Users automatically sync up with TimeTracker. There is no extra work required by Finance or PMs.
  • Timesheets submitted via TimeTracker automatically pass into Advantage.
  • Employees do not log into Advantage to prepare or submit timesheets.
  • TimeTracker seamlessly supports non-billable codes (such as 'vacation' and 'sick day) in addition to billable job codes.
  • Simple setup.  Get started in days.  Requires Advantage v6.70.01.12+ and API version of the same

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Imagine a world where the analytics and business intelligence from your Advantage system is based on accurate timesheet information that is timely.  Imagine how you could streamline your resource management, improve your time-to-bill, communicate more effectively with your clients, and make decisions based on accurate data...

Well, it's time that you started using the TimeTracker plug-in for Advantage.  Adding TimeTracker is a very simple process.  Simply click the button below and get started today!