5 Unexpected Lessons From Tracking Your Time - FastCompany.com

Unexpected lessons from tracking your time FastCompany.com published this insightful article about what you can learn if you track you time for just a week. We've summarized our favorite lessons from Fast Company's list here:

1. THERE’S A REASON YOU’RE LATE TO WORK How long does it take you to get ready in the morning, at a comfortable pace? Rushing out the door in the morning can set a bad tone for your whole day. The only way to avoid rushing is to measure your morning routine, and allow enough time.

2. YOU MAY WORK LESS THAN YOU THINK Working longer hours doesn't mean that you are getting more done. If you track your time, you might find that those 60+ hour weeks are that long because you are spending too much time on non-productive tasks like meetings, admin, or web browsing.

3. YOUR RATES ARE TOO LOW Most people set their hourly rate based on an guess about what their colleagues charge. A much better way is to track your time for a few weeks, understand what portion of your time is billable work, and then work back from the monthly paycheck you need to live comfortably.

4. BREAKS ARE WORTHWHILE As we've discussed in past blog posts "productive procrastination" can make you much more effective, if you are mindful about how you spend your breaks. Take the time to step away from your work and think about your broader goals, then come back to your work with a fresh perspective.

5. SOME MULTI-TASKING WORKS BETTER THAN OTHERS Are you sure you work better with music, podcasts or news playing in the background? Only one way to find out - track your time with and without your media playing.

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