TimeTracker for AccountAbility


We are proud to announce the release of the TimeTracker plug-in for AccountAbility™. AccountAbility is one of the leading project management and financial systems built specifically for the advertising industry. Now it offers seamless TimeTracker integration to improve the employee user experience while significantly increasing the accuracy of their timesheet data.

What happens when you combine AccountAbility + TimeTracker? 

> Increased Profitability

In most agencies, employees cannot remember what they do each day, so their timesheets are "best guess". This undermines the reports and analytics relied on by executives and others. 

But AccountAbility solved this problem by integrating TimeTracker. TimeTracker is a plug-in that automatically captures an employee's activity, learns to assign the correct job code, and ultimately creates a private timesheet draft for easy review, revision and submission.

The accuracy from TimeTracker's automation improves the validity of AccountAbility dashboards...and this leads to better decision-making and increased profitability.


> Increased Revenue

By automatically capturing activity, TimeTracker reduces timesheet preparation time by 90%. If employees don't need to work on timesheets, they can do what they do best...billable client work.

Agencies using AccountAbility with the TimeTracker plug-in will increase their ability to compete while also increasing their billable hours and revenue.


> Increased Satisfaction of Employees and Clients

AccountAbility helps agency Executives, Finance leaders, Project Managers and Account teams run their companies more profitably. Not only does the TimeTracker plug-in improve their effectiveness, but it also eliminates timesheet frustrations for billable employees.

And Clients appreciate the accuracy of the data presented by their agencies.  This ensures that negotiations focus on strategic planning instead of price erosion.

The TimeTracker plug-in for AccountAbility is available now. For more information, contact AccountAbility or Openhour.