ScopeSmart™ at a glance

Developing client proposals should be fast, easy and data-driven.  There should be a consistency throughout your organization so that employees can leverage previous projects.  And, perhaps most importantly, your proposals should be compared against actual performance to ensure that they are accurate.  Otherwise, your wasting time and money.  

ScopeSmart™ is a unique tool that leverages historical data to improve new business proposals.  ScopeSmart™ provides a clean, modern interface with easy-to-use templates to develop proposals with deliverables, roles & rates... while also allowing freeform entry for highly customized projects.

Unifying the job proposal process allows an organization to leverage its collective job performance history to help maintain profit margins. Call us today for a free demonstration.

ScopeSmart™ Features


Deliver proposals to quickly for clients

margin inspector ensures profitability

 Templates improve consistency

Templates improve consistency 


EASY to learn with simple user interface

Increases profitability


Analytics & Reports


plays nicely with other systems

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