Let's face it. Creative Professionals have it tough.

They often commit to delivering outstanding work despite having too few requirements, too many chiefs, too many interruptions and not enough time.

And then they are asked to manually record their time...with correct job codes. That's ridiculous. Not only does it undermine creative work, it generally results in 'best guess' timesheets that don't help with resource planning, billing or other decision making.

TimeTracker changes that equation allowing Creatives to stay "in the zone" and do their best work. And during that time, the TimeTracker extension for Creative Cloud privately and automatically captures activity and generates a pre-populated timesheet for easy review, revision and submission. Hallelujah!    


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Creativity is in our blood

Openhour was founded by former Adobe & Apple employees who realized that Creative professionals should focus on what they do best.  

automatic time tracking

The TimeTracker extension for Creative Cloud automatically captures activity and learns to assign the correct job code. And TimeTracker is accessible via a panel within the Creative Cloud tools.

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The TimeTracker extension for Creative Cloud supports the major applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, InCopy, Premiere and After Effects. The TimeTracker extension was previously available on Adobe Exchange. We have removed it pending decisions about rebuilding the TimeTracker service offering.